The Importance Of Introverts

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In today’s society, many believe that to be an extrovert is to be a leader, to be bold and assertive and for said reasons many institutions and workplaces praise people who are extroverts. Whereas, to be an introvert can be interpreted as being a shy person who does not work well with others for their social awkwardness. Introverts are commonly seen as quiet and outliers. However, the mere definition of an introvert does not do it justice because an introvert is more than being shy. They possess the ability to find themselves by working alone to extract their full potential. They are too often overlooked and they do not receive the praise they deserve nor are they encouraged to be themselves. Introverts are overlooked because many…show more content…
Some people choose solitude over big crowds such as introverts. Furthermore, introverts can be seen as outliers because they chose to stray away from the crowd. It is often that the way introverts behave can be mistakenly interpreted as being shy which is not entirely the case. They just have a tougher time conveying their feeling and ideas than do extroverts. In Counseling the Quiet by Brennan Barnard, the author asserts “It’s easy to mistake an introvert’s quietness for disengagement or lack of interest. On the surface, introverts seem to downplay their strengths, discount their emotions, and focus more on the process than themselves. In reality, they tend to be thoughtful, intentional, and dedicated to less—but more robust—extracurricular involvement”(Barnard, 36). Moreover, most people tend to misinterpret introverts, unwittingly missing out on the abilities and creativity they can offer. Introverts are more prone to extract their best ideas in solitude without the distraction of others. However, in today’s society, the idea of group work had been implemented more so that working individually is not as encourage any more. An article by Marian Peña named “In a World Built for Extroverts, What’s an Introvert to Do?” states, “We are placed in groups to somehow get our creative juices flowing from random forced interactions… Constantly working with others, though proven to be helpful and necessary in life,
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