The Importance Of Inventory Management Systems Of Asda Essay

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“To critically evaluate the importance of inventory management systems of Asda, UK” Abstract The topic has been chosen for research is to critically evaluate the inventory management systems of retail industry in UK. This industry is continuously growing up with pleasure of customers even the fluctuation in customer choices. Moreover, this sector has been hugely impacted from 2008 to 2010 by the economic crisis, when customer did not have enough money to spend. As a result some retail businesses have incurred a loss and shut down their operation. Though some of the retailer took the challenge and continued their business to see the future success. But inaccuracy of stock count leads to poor availability in store level stock. Moreover employees’ inadequate level of skills and improper management clue to poor control of inventory management. As a result decrease the customer satisfactions therefore fall in revenues and ultimately collapse in profitability level. (Lussier, 2012) In addition increases the costs due to out of date and damage lots of inventory, which are also leading to high shrinkage level for the retailer. It is possible to overcome these barriers and enhance the company’s reputation, increase customer satisfactions including high level of profitability by practising good inventory management system in place (Warren, Reeve, & Duchac, 2013). Literature Review: Inventory management plays a significant role in the retail industry for succession the

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