The Importance Of Isolation In SocietyBy Lahiri

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Lahiri shows that one’s cultural upbringing and their ability to assimilate isolate a person from others, that holding onto one's past and societies expectation for one to assimilate immediately make it harder for individuals to assimilate into society, and that holding onto memories of your past help you navigate through the loneliness. Isolation within society is caused by where one comes from and if they are willing to conform to the norm in their new situation. Early in the short story, lahiri shows the Sen’s apartment to be out of the norm by describing all the quirks it has, one of which is through their shoes. They are both didn’t wear shoes in the house, instead they wore flip-flops. Yet later on that page Lahiri outs Eliot’s mother by saying, “Yet his mother, Eliot thought, in her cuffed, beige shorts and her rope-soled shoes, who looked odd.”(Lahiri 112). In this Lahiri shows how being isolated as the odd one in a situation depends on the actions of those around you in society, and because she was the minority within this scenario, keeping her shoes on while the others didn’t wear shoes, she is the odd one out. This exemplifies how it is dependent on your upbring and assimilation that one is left out in the cold, because if she had been raised in a similar area, she would know the custom or if she been observant enough she could have seen and then adapted to be included. Unlike his mother, Eliot shows how through assimilation a person can become less outed by the

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