The Importance Of Jacksonian Democracy

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Andrew Jackson, war hero, man of the people, and seventh president of the United States of America led the Jacksonian Democrats; this political group was formed antebellum America. The democrats tried to aggrandize the puissance of lower classes, Americans that did not have as many opportunities unlike the aristocracy. While decreasing the clout of the rich and potent. Economically, they achieved benefits from governing during a period where huge advances in transportation, which ultimately accelerated commerce and helped the ordinary man. Politically, they wanted to invest power into an overwhelmingly massive executive branch against the aristocracy class of wealth Americans. The importance of Jacksonian democrats had represented…show more content…
As such, economic, religious, and geographic changes were all reshaped in America in many paramount ways and hinted towards to considerable opportunities and downfalls in the future. Jacksonian Democracy was a period in American history that formed a lasting impact that extended well beyond the mid 1800’s. The party laid out numerous economic and democratic reforms that permitted the layman to partake in politics as well as magnify the country’s patronage. In opposition to the Democrats, the Whigs of the early 1830s strongly favored a strong federal government through the power of the congress. They emphasized a program of modernization and economic protectionism.
The major parties since the early 1830s in the United States were the Democratic Party, or Jacksonian Democrats organized by Andrew Jackson, and the Whig Party, which was assembled by Henry Clay. Both the democrats and Whigs had opposed each other throughout their reign of supremacy during this period of the United States government. As Daniel Feller states in, The Jacksonian Promise, both parties believed in several different things. “Whigs repelled Democratic accusations of exclusivity and class bias in their programs. Social advance benefitted everyone, and the tools for of success, especially education, were (or would be, if Whigs had their
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