The Importance Of Job Related Stress Among Police Officers

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As a police commander or administrator, addressing the concerns of the officers in your employ, is one of the most important duties that you have. This is especially true when addressing the issues of job related stress. Studies have shown that many police officers perceive the most stress, which they experience, originates from within the department. The studies have also shown that job related stress is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease in police officers (Vicini, 2013). With these thoughts in mind, it is imperative for police administrators to have a plan of action in place, to evaluate and validate the concerns of the officers, and to provide the most effective practices to reduce this stress. As an administrator, who officers had confided their concerns to, the first thing that I would need to do would be to evaluate the validity of the officers’ claims about the stressors which they are dealing with. The first step of this process would be to meet with the officers, in a one on one setting, so that I could evaluate their appearance, mood, level of agitation, and their sincerity concerning the issues which they are bringing forward. This meeting would be a way of showing the officers that I am truly concerned with heir issues, and their wellbeing. Once I have met with the officers, I would move to the next step of the evaluation. For me, the next step in the evaluation process would be to meet with the complaining officer’s direct supervisors and…
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