The Importance Of Job Satisfaction From A Young Person 's Life Essay

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Educators may enter the profession to make a difference in a young person’s life because they had wonderful teachers in school, because they always liked learning, or because of the interest in the content (Buchanan, 2012). Despite the motivation for entrance within the profession, the problem comes in when teacher departure from the school or profession becomes a consistent factor.
Job satisfaction is oftentimes overlooked when spoken in terms of teachers, teacher productivity, and overall success of the school. It is even more rarely mentioned in terms of teacher retention. Job satisfaction refers to the feeling and emotions of employees in an organization. It includes the behavior pattern of people that can be favorable or unfavorable. The progress of work is directly related to job satisfaction. If employees are not satisfied with their jobs, the overall progress of the system is affected. Administrators must monitor the satisfaction level of the employees and try to improve it by promoting human values and dignity. The importance of job satisfaction in an education system is even more vital than in any other organization. Education is not merely the transfer of information but overall development of human personality. This can only be possible if teachers of urban public schools, especially those in low performing schools are satisfied with their jobs. Quality education and human development is only possible if the people involved in the system are satisfied within
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