The Importance Of Journalism And Photography

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Many events come and go before many citizens are aware of them. This is where journalism and photography come to play. Journalism and photography allow for current events in other parts of the world to be shown to the public for awareness. Some of these events such as the time during the Arab Spring, where revolutions and protests broke out across the Middle East and North Africa, allowed for citizens to get an idea of what is going on in that particular part of the country. A world without journalism cause much of the people to be in the shadow of the unknown. But journalism creates a chance for political impact. Journalism and photography will bring transparency and awareness to the public eye leading to protests and a need for change,…show more content…
(Spayd)” The work of journalism and photography keeps an important role of collecting information and sharing it with others. The shared knowledge that photographers and journalists provide allows for the public to assemble and have a voice.
The public whom are now informed through journalism and photography are often puzzled about the stories or photos, which causes protest events to develop. In the film “Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark” through the media we can see the repressed citizens of Bahrain wanting a change in their government. The citizens of Bahrain assembled together protesting for a new democratic government. With journalism reports from Al Jazeera, the world was now hearing their story. Countries around the world heard the cries of the Bahrain citizens wanting for a change. But with the protest, the Bahrain’s government was quick to suppress the pro-democratic activists. An NPR article “Bahrain: The Revolution That Wasn’t” Kelly McEver discussed, “Bahrain’s uprising was suppressed in a harsh crackdown. Thousands of people were rounded up, detained, and sometimes tortured…Several people died while in custody. (McEver)” Protests may lead to better outcomes, but in this instance the outcome lead to death of many Bahrain’s citizens.
With the effects of journalism causing protest events to occur, there is always pressure on government officials to listen to the public. The Schuster Institute for Investigative
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