The Importance Of Keeping And Improving Overall Quality Of Teachers Essay

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I. Introduction One of the greatest Soviet leaders, Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin, once commented that teachers are the engineers of human souls. With the rise of globalization, an increasing number of students are choosing to study aboard, especially in the United Kingdom. The importance of keeping and improving the overall quality of teachers in the UK is therefore extremely significant. Apart from the level of job satisfaction that motivates teachers to continue improving, the reward system also exerts a strong influence on teachers’ behaviour at work. In accordance with ‘New Pay’ approach, strategic incentives play an important role in achieving business objectives (Lawler, 1995). On one hand, overall payment levels compared to other occupations is a motivating factor, whilst on the other the internal payment system affects teachers’ performance as well. This report will offer a thorough analysis of the reward system for teachers in England and Wales, beginning with an overview of the general situation on teachers’ salaries and followed by a discussion on tangible aspects including base pay, variable pay, benefits and pensions as well as intangible aspects like non-financial benefits. By presenting all this information and analysing it clearly, I will offer some suggestions aimed at enhancing the total reward system for teachers in England and Wales. II. Analysis of Reward System 2.1 Reward System characteristics According to the latest data provided by Department of
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