The Importance Of Keeping Christmas Plants Beautiful

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Keeping Christmas Plants Beautiful Poinsettias have been one of the most popular Christmas plants, but many complain that they dropped their beautifully colored bracts much too soon. A new variety made its appearance in the trade. It is a low-growing plant (approximately 22 inches high including the pot) with several blooms. I saw the plant first at the William Zappettini Co. in the San Francisco Flower Mart and just had to have one to make my Christmas complete. My plant measures 23 inches high and had 19 beautiful blooms. While it is unusual to have so many blooms on a pot of poinsettias, the most unusual thing about this variety is the long period of time the plant stays beautiful when it is given good care. Last year, Zappettini gave one of these very new plants to a friend for Christmas. At Eastertime when a member of the firm was delivering an Easter plant, he saw the Christmas poinsettia in the front window just as beautiful as when he had delivered it several weeks before. Shortly after I acquired my plant I saw this variety in several of the nurseries and was told that it was one of the new “everlasting” series. The other two we were told are “C-1” and Paul Mikkelsen. Poinsettia plants, in pots, can be kept in the house for some time if they are given a place near a window where they will get plenty of light and a fair amount of sunshine. They also need an even temperature throughout each 24 hours, not quite warm during the day and fairly cold during the night,

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