The Importance Of King Ferdinand And King Columbus

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King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella saw something in Columbus that others didn’t see in funding his voyage. Columbus was born close to the seaport so his thrive of sailing came strong. Columbus started sailing at the age of fourteen. Columbus numerous trips before his first big voyage help him by giving him skills to prepare for his voyage. Columbus desire to find new undiscovered land emerged greatly as Columbus mastered his navigation skills. In Lisbon Columbus studied mathematics,astronomy,cartography and navigation. King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella saw a sailor that was thought young and that was well educated about the sea with a thrive for helping out in the sea.
King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella saw themselves in Columbus. Columbus wanted to be rich and have lots of fame. Ferdinand and Isabella wanted riches and wealth for themselves so the funded his voyage in return everyone would get what they wanted. With King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella have more fame and fortune would make their monarchy look more powerful to others.
Columbus was supported by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella because they believed that they would benefit and Spain would benefit from his voyages. They supported Columbus because Ferdinand and Isabella would revive 9/10 tenths of his profits from the voyage. Columbus wanted fame and fortune but that wasn’t really what the Spanish monarchy wanted to offer. In Columbus business contract it states,"that of all and every kind of merchandise, whether
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