The Importance Of Knowledge Has Impacted My Personal Perspective On Data Driven Decision Making

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Generally speaking, statistics as a course, is widely used in a variety of occupations. The importance of statistical data in the field of education drives decisions such as identifying school weaknesses, allocating where monies will be spent, and setting goals. Thus, after having now increased my knowledge of statistics from this course, I will explore how that knowledge has impacted my personal perspective on data-driven decision-making in my profession, education.

My school, which is one that is under academic distress, makes me keenly aware of how statistics may be used to affect change. Light and colleagues, 2004 note that statistical data exist in a raw state and that the information doesn’t possess any real meaning. In addition, that information may or may not become useful. For example, by having a statistical background such as one provided by this class, information can become useful in testing if educators connect the dots by identifying correlations between student performance on subject skills and classroom teaching. Thus, in a school under academic distress, one must look at a lot of data and make decisions from that part of it considered to be useful. People that have a stake in the school whether that is a team leader/principal, administrator, or performance coach like myself can be faced with an issue that makes data useful. There is a special need for effective data driven practices especially at schools undergoing improvement O’Day (2002). Schools are
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