The Importance Of Land Conflict In The South China Sea

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“The South China Sea is the main time link between the Pacific and Indian oceans, giving it enormous trade and military value” (Rappler). There is a current conflict over a territory occurring in the South China Sea. There are multiple countries trying to militarize and attain the area. This is causing a lot of tension similar to Alsace Lorraine and the Balkan region leading up to World War One. The geographical resources that are in the sea make it very desirable. Land disputes during World War One in the Balkans and Alsace Lorraine, and those disputes that are forming in the South China Sea could have been prevented with negotiation and de-militarization. Land disputes in the Balkans and Alsace Lorraine were a leading cause to World War One. A big “cause of European tension prior to World War 1 was the continued instability and conflict in the Balkans. This land was a cluster of nations including Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Bosnia” (Alpha History). The Balkans had few natural resources, making it less of an large economic prize but more of a geographical prize. The Balkans were right in the middle of three key empires: Ottoman Empire, Russia, and Austria Hungary. It had multiple water sources and water ways which caused it to be strategically vital. This caused a lot of European tension leading up to World War One. More tension caused by land was “between France and Germany called Alsace Lorraine, was a monumental piece of land that created conflicts and
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