The Importance Of Language And Family Relationship In Education

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Teachers need a pedagogy that embraces cultural enabling respectful cross-cultural relationships that giving presence to the Indigenous community in the school (State Government of Victoria, 2017). The What Works Program,, Stolen Generation testimonials, ABC Splash and Kids Matter offer information to help achieve this best practice.

Before contact
It is beneficial to gain cultural information before engaging with parents. The communication systems, spiritual connections and traditions cannot be readily synthesised when retrieved from a text. provides a broad representation of Indigenous culture, past and present. This website offers information on critical elements to be aware of regarding language and family structures challenging deficit perspectives enabling respectful contact. Through videos, teachers are better able to understand the importance of kinship and to imply the significance of respectful teacher/family relationship for the education of their child.
Indigenous communities’ reluctance to participate in education is complex. Stolen Generation Testimonials provides first-hand information that can help synthesis the generational trauma that has led to this mistrust. As the story of Nita Marshall shows, many Indigenous children were denied a nurturing environment altering the inherited characteristics and tendencies for development (McDevitt, Ormrod, Cupit, Chandler, Aloa, 2013: Stolen Generations’ Testimonies, n.d.).
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