The Importance Of Language And Language In Maintaining Cultural Identity?

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How language is important in Maintaining cultural identity?
Over the last few decades, the relationship between language and cultural identity have become a preferred topic in learning the important of language in maintaining cultural identity. The question that keep popping up concerns, the role of language in maintaining cultural identity. For instance, how and why language is important in maintaining cultural identity? does both language and culture reflect on individual identity? Probably the most important tool of socialization that exists in all humans and cultures is language. In this paper, I will examine the role of language in maintaining cultural identity, and what impact does language and culture have on individual’s identity.
The relationship between culture and language are intensely connected. Inseparably, Culture is linked to language. Without culture, language cannot exist and without language, culture cannot be totally learnt nor can be efficiently spoken and transformed from one generation to another. Language is a way of human communication by either spoken or written down by particular groups of people. It is used by human to communicate information and experiences that happen in the past and present. Language is a part of culture of people which people used to express themselves. Researchers have generally proven that the style of someone language can determine their cultural identity. This means that language reflect the culture of individuals as
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