The Importance Of Language As A Tool For People

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Before taking this class, I had some basic knowledge about genders and sexualities because I accidently took the junior cluster class instead of the sophomore inquiries when transferred to Portland State University. In the beginning of the quarter I was not interested because I thought I was going to be a repeat of junior cluster but I was wrong. I got to learned a lot during this class. This class was more discussion based whereas my other class was all theory and tests. I really enjoyed this class. Taking this class opened my eyes to many different and complex issues surrounding the LGBTQ community and the way that society imposes certain expectations on certain groups of people. I learned about the importance of language as a tool for people to express their experiences, the history behind different misconceptions and myths about different communities (Bronski), and why society is predisposed to marginalize minorities (Frye;
Acker; Bronski). This class become a part of my self accepting journey, I have been a tom boy since I was toddler and very recently I have discovered that I am bisexual. I have been fighting the society and myself ever since to accept the truth. I feel I am finally getting there and this sophomore inquiry has a big hand in it. I grew up in a very conservative society in India. In the popular culture only two genders are accepted, cisgender male and female. Yes, a third gender is present in India, but they are separated from the popular culture. The…
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