The Importance Of Language Creation

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How are languages created? Why are there so many different languages being created? Some languages are constantly undergoing changes, and some languages disappear fairly quickly. What determines when a language will emerge and how it will change over time? While the key factor for language creation is the need for communication on a small scale among individuals, the pressures for language change mainly come from societal changes on a broader scale.

The need for communication in a small community is the most important factor for and directly contributes to language creation. It is worthwhile to consider how human language started to develop initially. When our ape-like ancestors started to live together in communities instead of scattering themselves in forests, a desperate need for communication emerged. Besides the fact that they needed feet to walk and hands to hunt for food, they also needed some special mechanism to understand and communicate with others who lived and worked in the same community: a language (Cen 16-17). Fast forward in history, new languages are often created under the same spirit. One of the best pieces of evidence we have for how language emerges is in deaf communities: homesign and village sign language are two of the examples. Homesign system, "a self-created system of communication used by deaf individuals who have not been exposed to a sign language" (Brentari 364), is created uniformly among deaf individuals who are not exposed to any spoken or sign language as a means of communicating with their parents and other family members. With that being said, homesign is not simply a system of co-speaking gestures, gestures that accompany speech, because homesigners are not modeling their gestures after the co-speech gestures their hearing parents provide (Brentari 366). Rather, homesign shows certain linguistic properties called "the resilient properties of language because they can be developed without input from a language model" (Brentari 366). Constituent structure, for example, developed among homesigners from the United States, China, and Turkey despite the fact that "each homesigner is developing his or her system alone" (Brentari 367). The resilient properties, it is fair to
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