The Importance Of Language, Culture, And Identity

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The Importance of Language, Culture, and Identity Language, culture and individual personal attributes are all things we consider when describing what identity is and how it is influenced. Culture influences many aspects of an individual's life such as traditions, belief systems, norms, personal values and more. A language is a form of expression, it also reveals a person's origins such as what country they are from. Both culture and language shape a person's identity and can make an individual feel as though they belong. Translations by Friel not only does a great job of demonstrating the importance of language and cultural identity but also shows how easily both can be stripped from a society. Speaking the language you were raised with is something that can differentiate you from someone of another community and culture. Language is passed down from generations, in many cases, it may change. The roots, for the most part, remain the same. Speaking the mother language of a country can create a feeling of belonging. It is a form of cultural identity. Yolland throughout the play expresses his desire to have a life in Ireland. He wants to settle down and embrace every aspect of its culture, even though his job is helping get rid of the culture. Yolland only becomes discouraged when it comes to learning the language. He tells Owen about Doalty cutting a pathway around his tent for him and says, "Wasn't that kind of him? And I have no words to thank him...I suppose your right:
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