The Importance Of Language Learning

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As with any school, especially in Florida, the toughest thing for a teacher to overcome is teaching to student who do not speak or hardly understand your language. Being that Florida's Consent Decree for teachers ensures all ESL students are to receive a quality and well accommodated learning, capable of papering them with the tools and skills needed to be successful. With no official language within the country, this means all languages and all students are to be accommodated for. A rather daunting task. Luckily, there exists so much research and a plethora of strategies, suggestions, and tools at a teacher’s disposal to help achieve this goal. Three very important areas in particular can be used to further this mission, behavioral, cognitive, and socio-cultural. To understand the socio-cultural approach one must first understand the research brought forth by Vygotsky. Luckily, Barohny Eun and Hye-Soon Lim’s article, A Sociocultural View of Language Learning: The Importance of Meaning-Based Instruction, makes this very easy. In their article Vygotsky’s theory and its use in the socio-cultural approach is quite imaginative, while at the same time very informative. As stated, teachers are like gardeners, not pulling at the roots of their students to force learning, but rather maintaining the area around them and giving them what they need to succeed (page 10-11). In practice, this means, the best way for students to acquire a second language is to focus in on meaning rather
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