The Importance Of Language

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Language is a “systematic means of communicating ideas or feelings by the use of conventionalized signs, sounds, gestures, or marks having understood meanings” ( Merriam Webster Dictionary, 2012) . Language is essential for humankind. Without language, civilization that we see today; would be impossible. Our thoughts, our dreams, our prayers, communications; everything is language. Language helps in sharing a person’s knowledge and thoughts with others. If language did not exist, we would have been just a different species of animals. It is language, our ability to communicate, understand, that makes us different from animals. It is something made by humans to be understood by humans only; therefore, it can also be described as “ a…show more content…
Classrooms give young students an exposure to learn alphabets, graphs-phonemic relation, vocabulary, grammar and also a stage to read stories on their own; which improves the hold of the language they are learning. Without language, they will not be able to adjust in the society; most importantly they won’t be able to express themselves. They need to learn in order to be different from animals.
But not every child has the same environment at home and society which would help them to be efficient in the language. Special instructions and attention by teachers and parents could help such students keep up with their fellow students. The instructions given to the students must cater to their needs and not be given in a manner which is predetermined.
In order to learn the complexities of language, students should be encouraged to be involved in “whole-language activities rather than in isolated skill instruction activities” which rips off the language process of its complexities and makes it tough for students to learn.
Many debates revolve around the process of language learning by students whose native language is other than the language been taught. For e.g.- in USA, people are against the language learning for children whose first language is not English. Some people focus on the growth of learning the sole language English, whereas others support the growth of learning English along with the growth of the child’s native language. Taking away the learning
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