The Importance Of Leadership And Building Relationships With Staff, Parents, And Other Community Members

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One of the hardest part of a principal is the first few months of school. There is a lot of anxiety and if main focus should be setting a good example and building positive relationships with staff, parents, and other community members. In my opinion, the theories we have learned in Chapter 2 and 3 of Practicing the Art of Leadership by Reginald L. Green are good practices to have so that relationships can be built to improve the needs of the school. Once a principal has established trust and build relationships, one can start thinking about implementing goals and the vision they have for the school.
In order to build relationships I would start by been a servant leader. “The use of power and authority is unnecessary as the role of leader is bestowed upon them by their followers” (Green, 62). I would plan to visit every class and teach a small class where I would teach students about our school values or expectations. This would be a great opportunity for teachers to observe me and also get feedback. I would also spend a lot of time in the hallways and offering myself to help teachers run small errands or use the restroom. I would work with local organizations to bring some volunteers to our school that would do some of these errands for teachers. At our school we have high school volunteers that come once a week to some of the classrooms and they help tutor, running copies, creating bulletin boards, or even been an extra person during recess and lunch. Because of this,
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