The Importance Of Leadership

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Subject selections for year 11, chemistry, human bio, physics, literature, apps and religion. Yep, i didn’t list art. To be completely honest, I thought that I would drop art after year 10. So thats why I cant even begin to believe that I’m here today and even that i applied for this position. In year 10, I was pretty certain that if I dropped art I would have more time for other subjects due to the immense work load that art requires. However, I told my mum my plan, and she ran, right to Mrs flora and dobbed on me. I was then basically forced to do art. HOWEVER thanks to Mrs Flora and my mum I have had the best time. I have no clue what I was thinking, i cant even walk straight let alone learn PHYSICS so I'm pretty happy with the choice.…show more content…
Some of you know that Im not the most outgoing and outrageous person. I do, like most of you, feel self conscious when speaking in public and always feel like running home to my bed and dog. However this is what has made me who I am and is what i will take in my stride as a leader and use to my advantage. I will take these fears and use them to challenge myself and all of you to think bigger, be more creative, and more outgoing.

A label is just a name, but its what stands behind that label that counts. So I can only hope that If voted in I will not just stop trying and do nothing to improve myself, but continuously try and grow as a person and as your leader.

I have lived the late nights finishing off my portfolio work, lived the struggles of figure out the meaning of a black line and have created many friendships and have heard many crazy stories. I have been apart of many art competitions since year 5 and have been in many showcases involving the school. I’ve been involved in art co-corriculars like art angels and art club and also in 2015, I was one of the girls like many of you who painted on the graffiti wall for art week. I painted the blue winged creature that looks like a marshmallow man.

If I you gave me the privilege of being Visual arts captain in 2018, I can tell you now that I will put my heart and soul into be the best that I can be. I will continuously try to help with new ideas, I will be deeply involved and
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