The Importance Of Leadership Style In Shirley's Low Five

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Leadership is not as easy as some people make it seem. Some have what it takes and others struggle to be that great leader. Leadership is a learned behavior people are not born a leader. When a leader is aggressive and adamant about doing things their way, the team is likely to become disgruntle. This is exactly what happened in the Low Five.
While reading this story it was evident that Shirley had no idea what leadership is or the concept of a leader. Shirley portrayed an autocratic leadership style. She had to have complete control over the team. The team was not allowed to express their idea or interest. They could not question any of Shirley’s ways for doing things. Shirley was always negative, and every decision was decided without considering
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This makes sense considering gathering everyone together for strategy meetings can be a time consuming event. When changes were implemented, the participative leadership style would be the best one, because it would allow the team to accept the change easily because they were allowed to play an important role in the process.
Participative leadership is not limited to creating a suggestion box. In order for it to work in this case, effectively, Shirley had to be willing to relinquish some control to team. While this does require a great deal of trust, the rewards can be immense.
There is no doubt that Shirley viewed this situation as nothing more than rebellion from the team. She felt as though with her being new to the team they did not want to comply or accept her as their new coach. It is possible that she also looked at the situation as her coming in as a new buddy so to speak she had to play hard core for them to listen to her. Which in fact what should have been done was to watch them play and then determine on what course of action to take. Unfortunately Shirley could not see anything wrong with her style of leadership. She felt that she was the best coach ever, especially when she had a successful year with the soccer team. And not only did the soccer team loved her and had no compliant about her or her coaching style. Some of the soccer team members were on the basketball team and they spoke highly of her and her
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