The Importance Of Leading An Organization For A Job Well Done

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All humans share similar basic needs and desires that we instinctually strive to satisfy. We all seek food, shelter, companionship, intimacy, importance and power. Leaders are no different. These needs must be satisfied, but leaders must be cautious and not be brought down or trapped by fulfilling these needs inappropriate ways. Leaders that lose their moral bearings and fall prey to unethical activities are not bad people, they just made bad choices. They didn’t take the role as leader to be inappropriate or evil, yet every leader has the capacity to make actions they deeply regret unless they remain grounded. It is important for leaders to manage their hungers by being aware of the potential pitfalls they may face while leading and satisfying their human needs. The notion of leading an organization from peak to peak can be an intoxicating one. This idea can lead to a distorted reality when the leader focuses on the external celebration of achieving momentous results for the organization. Instead they should be rejoicing in the inner satisfaction of a job well-done which will keep them grounded in reality. When there is celebration for good results, leaders can find themselves taking this as a celebration for them. This often results in building and feeding an ego that leads to hero type complex. This is a great opportunity to get on the balcony and view the dance floor in order to keep events in perspective and themselves grounded, not letting power go to their head. There
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