The Importance Of Lean Methodology In Nursing

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Assessment is the first step in the nursing process. Initially, the nurse reviews the patient’s information on file then the nurse will collect more detailed information from the patient in the form of an interview and physical exams (Sherwood & Barnsteiner, 2017). This information is a part of a nursing process, and nurses have failed in these areas causes issues for the patient that should be avoidable. When the nursing process is correct and efficient, there is a significant reduction in preventable problems such as hospital-acquired pressure ulcers and return to hospital stays. This essay will discuss the ways lean methodology can improve the nursing process to yield outcomes that will ultimately lead to shorter stays while in the hospital and fewer returns to the hospital.
Lean methodology is a quality improvement method used in healthcare to decrease wasted time and costs and thus will increase efficiencies and improve outcomes. In 2016 an article, an exploratory analysis for Lean and Six Sigma implementation in hospitals: Together is better? (Lee, McFadden, Gowen 3rd), list some of the tools used in lean that makes it so effective. One tool in Lean methodology being, just-in-time process management. ((Lee, McFadden, Gowen 3rd, 2016, p.3). This tool is crucial in nursing for apparent reasons, nursing care is continuously changing, and nurses must critically think and gear their assessments around changes in the patient that can provide safe and efficient care. By

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