The Importance Of Learning A Second Language

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According to statistics, there has been a stupendous immigration population growth in the United States. In recent years, America has grown into a multilinguistic nation that compromises different cultural communities. The degree of diversity in the country has escalated, and the language barriers have become more dominant in the society. The importance of learning a second language has also intensified. An acquired knowledge of a language, other than English, would be able reduce the evident cultural barriers in the country. The fact that St. Louis College of Pharmacy is not offering electives for second language for its seven year program students is unfavorable to the current diverse population. The Pharmacy students should have an opportunity to be educated in a second language because it would enable them to communicate with people that are outside their cultural circle. Even though an addition of a linguistic elective into the curriculum is imperative for the students’ cultural education, the initiative would be a difficult for the administration to process through. I would be difficult for the administration to appoint an experienced professor who is proficient in the certain language. The difficulty is persistent mainly because the number of knowledgeable professors would rather teach at universities and liberal arts colleges where there is a substantial student body is engaged in the subject. In a pharmacy college, the studious student body expends more energy
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