The Importance Of Learning A Second Language Essay

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Hello. Nin Hao. Hallo. Здравейте. The art of language is intricate and useful in many aspects of life. The Encyclopedia of Education states “…between 60-75% of the world is bilingual.” When it comes to bilingual education most countries require students to learn their home language and English. The United States only requires two years of foreign language to graduate. This is due to the English language being considered as the universal language. Schools should require students to learn a second language to build their cognitive skills and to improve communications abilities, ultimately enabling them to have a considerably greater advantage in the job market. By learning a second language students will develop a more in depth cognitive ability. Cognitive thinking can simply be described as skills needed to excel in occupational and academic areas. According to a researcher in cognitive thinking, Dr. Ken Gibson, cognitive skills include attention, memory, comprehension speed, visual and audio processing along with logic and reasoning. Proficient memory skills not only help students retain and comprehend information better, but also they will grasp key prioritizing abilities and solve dilemmas quicker. One student noted that due to her taking a Latin class in school her SAT scores were superb. Any words she didn’t understand she was able to break down and figure out the root meaning. For this student having a background in Latin provided her with the necessary skills to
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