The Importance Of Legalizing Drugs In The United States

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Drugs have become a very controversial subject in America, especially in the past couple of years. Ever since Nixon declared a war on drugs it seems that the use of drugs and the convictions placed on drug users has dramatically risen to great heights. While I admit drug usage can provide serious consequences to an individual’s health, I do feel that some drug enforcement policies have become misguided and muddled over the years. Therefore, some aspects of the United States drug enforcement policies should remain as they are, some should be strengthened or enforced more strongly, and even some should be reevaluated and changed entirely. The government has proven that drugs will not be tolerated and any users or distributors are facing very serious legal consequences if caught. The American government has made several efforts to…show more content…
Marijuana has become more popular over the past couple of years, but it is deemed as a dangerous gate-way drug that can cause major harm and has no positive aspects. However, recent studies have seen that these black and white characteristics and properties should be considered a grey area instead. As a 2008 scientific study showed, “smoking marijuana may reduce the risk of tobacco-associated lung cancer” (Richards). Many studies, such as that of 2008, have proven that the hard defined and malicious consequences of cannabis should be questioned due to lack of substance and conviction. Because of these recent findings that tend to contradict the previously long held beliefs of danger, I believe the government should legalize marijuana, but simply for ages 21 and over. While studies often contradict previous beliefs, a consensus has been gathered that smoking cannabis before puberty is complete is very detrimental to one’s health
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