The Importance Of Liberal Arts Education

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Throughout the history education, America was leading in post-secondary education because of its incorporation of liberal arts into their education system but, it’s slowing starting to shift away, more into vocational education. The reason why they have started focusing more on vocational education is because those are the careers that are higher in demand so they wanted students to excel in science and math related occupations. They want students to be more economically competitive which could not be achieved solely through a liberal arts education. But, research proves that liberal arts help students adapt easier, and quicker into the real world after graduation. This is because liberal arts focus on developing skills that cannot be studied or memorized; they have to be practiced to perfection and will take years to master. According to sources, Asia is adopting liberal arts education because they have realized the potential that a liberal arts education will provide for students (Lweis). Many countries like China, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong are adapting liberal arts because they have recognized the its importance, and realized that liberal arts will provide a better education to prepare students for the workforce. Most people argue that a liberal arts education is more beneficial to students than vocational education because it helps students be all-rounders which is what employers want. “Liberal arts education is best accomplished by not just lectures, but small
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