The Importance Of Liberal Arts Education

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Alexander Crummell was one of the first Black intellectuals that advocated for a liberal arts education among Blacks. Crummell believed that Blacks were underdeveloped because slavery destroyed their traditions, culture, and made them illiterate, but through a liberal arts education it would train Black minds “tenacity, literacy, endurance, culture, and persistence, qualities that Blacks needed to make progress in everyday life.” Crummell argued that Jim Crow laws like the Plessey vs. Ferguson case that established separate, but equal segregated communities for Blacks and Whites created “The downfall for the Negro population as it created the disenfranchisement of the Negro and the unequal access to institutions that the Whites received.” Crumell’s work demonstrates that restrictions of Blacks rights to vote and access to well funded and equal institutions due to Jim Crow laws was one of the biggest fundamental concerns in Black communities and in order to change these laws it was believed by Black scholars that Blacks needed to be educated in a liberal arts education as it civilized them and taught them how to fight against Jim Crow laws. Black scholars believed that the various issues that Blacks faced due to Jim Crow laws would be solved with education, but do to the various different problems that Blacks faced like political disenfranchisement and segregation it caused some Black scholars to believe that only a liberal arts education would only suffice the needs to
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