The Importance Of Liberal Arts Education

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Why is a liberal arts education so important? Teachers have always told me as a society that we need to become more liberally educated, but why does this matter so much? I’m currently attending a liberal arts college to further my understanding role in society. The questions, that will be explored, have formed from the topics and discussions in a previous class called “Narrative of Sails”. I plan to become more liberally educated as I seek to find the answers to these questions. With that said, we already know we are a country that learning the liberal arts such as literature, philosophy, mathematics, social and physical sciences are considered the most important subjects being taught. Some school funding’s have cut the subjects that aren’t seen as importantly academic such as art, physical education, and music classes. A possible result could be, that we are competing with other countries in national competitions in the liberal art areas. Students that are seen lacking behind in the liberal art subjects are required to get help by taking special education classes, to improve the students learning abilities. I think it is important to start answering the question of what it really means to be liberally educated. Is this a question that is different for every individual in how they see education and define it? Why do we need to have the liberal arts in our lives? Why do we spend so much time with learning the liberal arts? As a society we feel the need to be
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