The Importance Of Liberal Arts Education To Integrity

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Freshman Seminar K (Liliana Edilyan)
Anush Abrahamyan
Synthesis Essay
Excellence: How do the goals of a liberal arts education lend themselves to achieving academic integrity?
Liberal arts education shapes an individual who has necessary characteristics for reaching academic integrity. Academic integrity is the pursuit of scholarly activity in an open, honest and responsible manner (definition of academic integrity according to Pennsylvania State University). Liberal arts education gives confidence, so you do not need to cheat or plagiarize, it helps to find a job easily, honestly remaining the sense of self- esteem. This paper will discuss how liberal arts education can lead to academic integrity based on the David Foster Wallace’s commencement
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Getting a general education has lost its value and students are ready to cheat during their studies and exams to get a degree and achieve the goal of making a lot of money without academic integrity. They say “I pay you money, you give me my degree” and those who say this actually get less education. A college degree can help an individual to get a good job but in order to be good at that job he needs an education (Lam, 2016). Due to liberal arts education one can get a good job with ease and honest in the future. Keohane in “The Liberal Arts as Guideposts in the 21st Century” gives five arguments to defend liberal arts education, one of which is preparing an individual for success in the learned profession, as well as in the less traditionally learned professions. With liberal arts education you can easily get a good job and do it really well without any plagiarism. Wallace agrees with the statement of being successful at every kind of profession, but he also adds another benefit of liberal arts education – liberal arts education helps you how to think which can make the life more bearable. If you start to think rationally you will understand that cheating and plagiarism will not allow you to feel
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