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In the middle of me fixing the bedroom up to a nice standard my partner arrived back home, she asked me to sit down with her, as she had something important to explain to me. We walked into her hallway at the top of her stair case, this was outside of the bedroom that I had plastering and decorating and my ex partner explained to me that while she was at the clinic she had been in their medical chair getting her check up, when the woman looking after her welfare, had said to her that she had noticed a spot on the top of her ass cheek and that as the clination she wanted to test it. My partner explained to me that she had allowed this to happen and was now a waiting for the test to confirm the results. As a result of this we were both…show more content…
Once my partner had received her test results, we were told that she was a carrier and that this meant that there was a high chance that we were both were carriers off hsv1, otherwise known as herpes. I felt sick with worry and ended up back at my own home address a few days latter. And Equally important I also attended my local clinic myself and requested to have a test completed; my request was at first refused, the reason given was that evergreen clinic, does not do mandatory hsv1 tests, this is due to how common it was amongst every person, I was admit tingly determined to get tested and showed that I would not leave the surgery until a test was completed, after some persuasion it got agreed for my blood to be taken, as a test sample. After I left the surgery, I had to wait for my own test results. A few more weeks passed by, me and my partner continued to resolve the issues we where now faced with, thought the time we never did argue. Likewise I was worried after what had been explained to me by my new partner about her test results, so I chose to trust in a close friend, Stain, this was about my problems, the conversation was polite as always and was held in his own front room, this was while over a drop of whiskey that he had offered to me, at no point did I leave him any concern in regard to any intent of a negative attitude of myself and I surely did not raise any concerns of a verbal disrespect towards my partner. I spoke to only
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