The Importance Of Life In My Life

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Happily, several things I have aspired to achieve in my younger years, have finally come to fruition in the autumn days of my life. Despite not winning the lottery (yet), I have been lucky enough to accomplish most of those “dreams” I had fantasized about in my younger years. But it wasn't until recently, I found my niche in the world of free-lance writing. Taunting and vexing me, fate dangled the golden apple of writing and paid opportunities in front of my wanting eyes for years. Now, as I look out into the inspiring skyline of my city from not one, but two directions, I can not only take pride in one of my goals being realized, but |I can do it from the comfort of my home and corner office - in my pyjamas. Many articles have been written on the benefits of working from home. However, for the free-lance writer, or anyone relying on imagination to successfully execute their job, creative abandon must also on occasion partner with discipline, which can make for strange bedfellows. But I can think of no other place conducive to achieving detente between these two dichotomies than my own office, in my own home. Moreover, I am fortunate enough to live in a corner suite, and can literally and figuratively get two different perspectives, moods, and scenes which often influence my writing. And with all due respect to the monolithic architecture of my city, it still doesn't come close to the view and inspiration I am filled with when bidding adieu to the effulgence of the
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