The Importance Of Life On Earth

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The universe is 92 billion light years in diameter, filled with over 100 billion galaxies, and each galaxy is full of its’ own stars and planets – YET out of all those galaxies the only evidence for life is here on planet Earth! According to Live Science, “We're lucky to live on such an incredibly perfect planet, where the air is exactly the right mix of chemicals, there's lots of water, and the temperature is just right” . Although the article contributes these fine features of Earth to just a series of “Luck” it continued to point out a few more of Earth’s more complex characteristics such as: stable rotation, constant gravity, protective atmosphere, and plate tectonics - all which are necessary to support life. Earth truly makes a great place to live!!!
The complexity of Earth and the fine-tuned factors that make it up not only creates an environment that supports life - but intelligent life. This lends you (the intelligent person) the ability to think about the age-old question: How exactly did we get here?
Today the majority of scientists hold the belief that life just sprung into existence after being given enough time, matter, and chance. According to Pew Research, only 33% of scientists believe in God! Therefore, the vast majority of leaders in the scientific community believe that we are all just a product of “luck”. However, others don’t think it is that easy to create a universe! They see the universe as having too

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