The Importance Of Light Energy

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Exam 1
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Question 1
Have you ever thought what Earth would be like without light energy?
So many questions come to mind when we think about light. What is light energy and how is it measured? How fast does light travel?

Light is referred as an electromagnetic radiation and its nature’s way of transferring energy. Without light, there is no energy and without this energy we would not have the ability to survive. There are many sources of energy but light is one of the most important because it provides energy to all living things here on Earth. The sunlight we get from the sun is absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere which in return is then changed to heat energy. This heat energy is what helps keep our earth warm (sometimes a little too warm for my taste).

All living things rely on light energy to survive. Some animals rely on it to keep themselves warm, plants rely on the suns energy and convert the sunlight into food energy through a process called photosynthesis. Humans use light for vision primarily because we use our sight to learn about the world around us, it is a force that enables us to see. We use light to light our homes, to grow our crops which eventually we use to eat. Light is all around us no matter where we go and it travels at 186,282 miles per second. If you can’t get an idea of just how fast light travels just imagine this, you could travel 7.5 times around our planet Earth in just
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