The Importance Of Listening And Sports Science Australia

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1.0 Introduction 1.1 Authorisation and purpose This report is written for Exercise and Sports Science Australia, with the purpose of making recommendations for incorporating interpersonal communication among coaches. 1.2 Limitations The report is limited to the single communication topic of interpersonal communication. The three skills that are in focus, associated with interpersonal communication are listening feedback and questioning. This is then applied through the specific discipline of coaching. 1.3 Scope This report will explain the skills of listening, feedback and questioning, whilst discussing the benefits and challenges associated with incorporating them in coaching. Recommendations for incorporating interpersonal…show more content…
(Athanasios, 2005) Coaches send messages to their players via written, verbal and gestures if these stimuli are not effectively listened too, by the player. They will not be understood and therefor not executed. (Athanasios, 2005) In a coach and performer environment it is important for the coach to form a good relationship with the performer. Relationships are helped to be formed when effective listening is displayed. (Turner, 2006) This means it is just as important for the coach to listen to the players. It is also stated that the ability to listen well is associated with persuasive skills and shows that good listeners are often good speakers, which would both benefit the success of the coach. (Athanasios, 2005) Therefore listening benefits coaches by, achieving desired outcomes and executions, forming relationships with players, their player persuasion and speaking ability. 3.0 The interpersonal personal communication skill of feedback and its benefits to Coaches 3.1 Explanation of the skill of feedback Feed can be explained as communication between individuals regarding recommendations to their performance. (Baker, Perreault, Reid and Blanchard, 2013) Feedback also incorporates critiques, accompanied with advise and support. (Eunson 2012) Feedback can be transferred in different way however, in a coaching environment it will mainly occur downwards (from coach to player), upwards (from player to

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