The Importance Of Literacy Assessment For Adults

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Describe the purpose of literacy assessment for adults:
To determine the proficiency of the learners’ current level of English Literacy and Numeracy. Evaluate his / her needs and capability to progress. Determine the knowledge gap i.e. what is the best method / approach to achieve the desired outcome. Time estimate can be made based on the learners’ needs and learning capabilities taking into account his / her personal circumstances outside the classroom.
Describe diagnostic assessments and their purpose:
The Initial / Diagnostic Assessment is used to identify the learners’ strengths and gaps and it can refer to specific or broad skills relevant to the course or Individual Learning Plan. This Diagnostic Assessment assesses the existing course knowledge and what is still needed to learn in the course. This may be part of workplace training needs analysis.
Describe formative assessments and their purpose:
The Formative Assessment is the frequent and interactive assessments of the progress and understanding of the learner in the course. This is an ongoing process, woven into interactions between tutor and learner. This Formative Assessment improves the quality of teaching – teaching to specific learning needs and to achieve the goals set for the learner.
Describe summative assessments and their purpose:
The Summative Assessment Identifies and summarises the achievement of the learner at a particular time. It may measure the achievements in the completion of Unit…
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