The Importance Of Literacy In Education

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Literacy is a vital skill necessary to thrive or even function in today’s society. Researchers estimated that 25% of American students had mild to severe reading problems (Margolis, 2004). Reading problems can emotionally devastate children and compromise their future. A lot of professional literature focuses on preventing, identifying, and remediating reading problems.
During my case study, I noticed that the majority of struggling students have a psychological dilemma that is motivating the problem. The majority of the individuals that struggle to learn how to read have a condition in the wiring of their brain that makes the skill difficult for them to pick up. Poverty level and economic hardship that make learning feel unimportant or stressful may also cause the problem (Portugal & Fundazioa, 2010).
It is very important for teachers to understand what is going on in the lives of children. With this understanding, reading instruction and every type of learning would be more effective. The child can receive help for the psychological difficulties and can be taught in a way that will help him respond to and retain lesson material.
Struggling readers need personalized, focused, and assessment-driven instruction. In other words, they need interventions that work. The most important aspects of literacy are oral language, phonemic awareness, word recognition, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and writing. Books can open the door to child's imagination, or they can represent
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