The Importance Of Love In Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare

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Within Shakespearean comedies, love remains a relentless theme. In some cases, such as Much Ado About Nothing, the characters’ fight against their feelings to provide the audience with laughter at the lover’s stubborn. Often, Shakespeare also has a character fall in love with the wrong person first, before magically rendering a character for them to fall in love with. For example, in As You Like it, Phoebe proclaims she madly loves Ganymede, but by the play’s end marries Silvius. Duke Orsino from The Twelfth Night also portrays this Shakespearean trope. At the beginning of the comedy, Orsino depicts his love for Olivia time and time again. He sings her messages of affections, sends others to sing his love when he cannot, and offers her many gifts. However, Olivia constant rejects Orsino, stating lack of interest for her behavior. Easily, one could interpret Orsino’s proclamations as a desire to be loved himself, however, it is equally as suggestable that Orsino and Olivia were simple mismatch like many other Shakespearean characters. While many critics would interpret Orsino as a self-loving bastard who simply uses Olivia for his hero worship of himself, Orsino actually represents a man in love with the wrong person, who suffers constant rejection and eventually moves on. From the start of the play, Shakespeare presents evidence that even though Orsino and Olivia are on equal stations, they remain completely mismatched in every other way. However, Orsino, within the helm of
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