The Importance Of Management And The Success Of A Company

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Evaluating the importance of management and integrity as essential elements to the success of a company


When it comes to the coordination of activities of an or organization or a company in order to achieve its desired objectives, the importance of management should never be underestimated, management itself is a large and complex topic with all organizations having its goals and objective in which its management process will need to attain desired success for the company, using Global logistics management as an anchor point in understanding the importance of management for the success of a company, we need to understand that the world has become a globally linked environment, economic freedom has uncompromisingly lifted the barriers between countries.


In order to deal with the ever growing changes in competition in the market, the company must take into consideration the speed, efficiency, and other conditions in the operation of strategies, and in crossing these socio economic barriers management plays a really important role, in the deployment of strategic plan s and objectives to deal with each issue that rises from every and each one of these barriers, therefore the industry needs to pay attention to the vertical integrative relationship among upstream suppliers, midstream retailers, as well as downstream retail customers, the transformational process of the global industry, and the need of the logistics management system is gradually
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