The Importance Of Management And Time Management

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Working in healthcare I have had several influences, which have helped me better understand management. When I worked in an assistive living facility I learned the importance of management and time management. I have worked with several co-workers who aided in better understanding the importance of communication, and implementing change. Nursing school has also taught me my role a nurse and how to incorporate all the theories management involves. Listening and recognizing the needs of your staff, recognizing your management or leadership skills, and understanding and solving a problems are the skills I would incorporate into managing a facility as the Director of Nursing. After reading about management theories I believe the most effective would be Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Working with different personalities has showed me that we are all in search of self-actualization. When people commit to a job, they are looking to fulfil their biological and physiological needs. When this step is met, safety needs are the next step. When working in a group of people, it is important to feel the stability in a workplace, feel acknowledge, feel order, and have stability. As a health care manager I would make sure my workers felt secure and comfortable. The third step is belonging and love needs. I feel that sometimes this step is where conflict arises. At times I have noticed managers are so busy with their own work they forget to show how much they appreciate their co-workers…
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