The Importance Of Management At A Great Manager

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The Importance of Management
Management is very important to any organization. There are many different types, levels, and styles of management. Organizational goals are created and achieved through management. As defined by Robbins, De Cenzo, and Coulter (2015), management is “the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiently, through and with other people” (p. 8). There are four functions managers perform in order to effectively and efficiently achieve goals. The four functions include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Four critical management skills are conceptual skills, interpersonal skills, technical skills, and political skills. Along with the four functions approach, managers may also use these
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Because leading is one of the four functions of management, managers must consider modern theories of leadership in order to establish, communicate, and achieve goals. A few examples of modern leadership theories are transactional leaders, transformational leaders, and charismatic leaders. In an interview with a manager of sales organization in Chicago, I gained insight on what makes a good leader. We discussed many contributing factors to becoming a good leader as well as his personal experience with managerial goals, objectives, decision-making, and communication. Throughout our conversation I was trying to figure out what modern leadership theory he embodies. By the end of that interview it became very clear that he demonstrates himself as a charismatic leader. In an article by Denning (2008) he quotes Gary A. YukI, stating that charismatic leaders appear "so extraordinary, due to their strategic insight, strong convictions, self-confidence, unconventional behavior and dynamic energy, that followers idolize them and want to become like them." This definition could not describe the manager I interviewed any better. While working under him a few years ago, he was a guy you want leading you. Through his optimistic personality and self-confidence, he was able to get people to willingly follow him to achieve organizational goals.
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