The Importance Of Managers For The World Of Business Today

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Managers play an important role in the world of business today. They are an essential part of a company. They are like the caboose of a train. By definition a manager is someone that plans, organizes, leads, and controls but, there is a more in depth meaning of the roles they play. Managers provide services in areas such as, business law, human resources, leadership, accounting, finance, economics, research and statistics, operations management, marketing, and strategic planning. There are three levels of management, the first level, middle level, and top level. Each of them perform similar task throughout businesses today. Top-level managers are the people that are the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs),…show more content…
The next level of management would be the middle level. They are the general managers, regional managers, and district managers of a company. Middle level managers are given the task of enforcing the goals set by the top level managers. In addition, they set their own set of goals based upon the ones set by the top level managers. Middle mangers do a lot work in assisting first line managers. They help to encourage them to achieve business standards. They are like a liaison between the top level managers and the first level managers because the communicate issues amongst the two levels. They can monitor and help between small to large groups of people. A downside to being a middle level manager is that sometimes messages can get mixed up between the top level and first level managers. Of course as before the good side to it is the pay and the position. Many of these managers are former first level managers that was promoted to the middle level management position. The last and final level of management is the first level managers. The have got to be one of the most important managers because they work with the “bread and butter” of the company. They are the store managers, department managers, office managers, and shift supervisors. They handle all lower level employees and have a big impact on the organization. They oversee the actions of others on a daily basis. In a way one can conclude that they are a part of the business law side because they
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