The Importance Of Mandated Immunization For School Age Children

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The Importance of Mandated Immunization for School Age Children in California
Christopher A. Housmans, BSN, RN, PHN
San Diego State University

Immunization for school age children is an integral aspect of early healthcare and is a reliable method of developing resistance to specific, potentially life threatening diseases. Immunization, which is also known as vaccination, is crucial as it not only protects the immunized individual but also the surrounding community members (Grace, 2006). When a child is not vaccinated, there is an increased risk to develop symptoms of a particular disease, which can result in an unfortunate and preventable death. Additionally, while infected, the child can expose others to risk, be they friends, strangers, or family members. When successfully vaccinated, children are more capable of resisting a disease, preventing the initial infection. Additionally, even when an infection does occur, the immunized child’s experience is less serious, the infection lasting for less time as the body mounts a prepared and successful defense, reducing the infection’s ability to effectively reproduce and spread to others.
Purpose of Immunizations
Vaccinations are one of the most effective medical procedures created (Lantos, 2014). When an individual is vaccinated against a disease, his immune system is able to recognize the virus or bacteria attacking it, greatly increasing his body’s ability to fight off the infection. This impedes the
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