The Importance Of Marketing And Concept Of Customer Value

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The concept of marketing has always been debated since it was recognised as a distinguished subject and field (Gamble, Gilmore, McCartan-Quinn & Durkan, 2011). With time going by, under globalization and increasingly intensive globe competition, every organisation tries to improve their competiveness. Consequently, Marketing as a useful tool to achieve such kind of goals walks into organisational managers’ sight. Meanwhile, customers, as one of the most important parts of marketing, also deserve to get enough attention from marketers. From customers’ view, the main concern of them in every transaction is what they get relative to what they give up (Valarie, 1988). Therefore, meeting their needs and understanding customer value have become the top priority for all marketers. This essay will focus on identify the importance of marketing and concept of customer value, as well as the link between them.

The Importance of Marketing
Facing a constantly depressed global economy and increasingly fierce competition, improving management and restructuring showed unsatisfactory results. Therefore, marketing is obviously becoming another way that is worth trying to drive entities out of such predicament. Marketing, as an important business philosophy, mainly focus on satisfying customers’ needs and wants. A sound market-driven strategy could make a company truly understand its target market and the actual and potential customers of this market, which gives a certain direction for
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