The Importance Of Marketing In The Saudi Arabia Market

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Today we are honored to have you all; members, employees, clients and companies, to launch our product and advertise for it in the Saudi Arabia market. Just before getting started, I want to welcome special guests from Saudi Arabia; a dear country, who are participating in this gathering. It is not a surprise from business men who were born in a country that thrives for innovation and advancement, to cross the ocean and bare the fatigue of this long travel to be with us today. Thanks for your presence. Saudi Arabia is illustrious for its remarkable oil production. “Over the last decade, the Kingdom witnesses an average annual increase of eight percent in electricity demand, with the number of subscribers significantly rising by an…show more content…
The geographic feature of this country gives the solar energy an advantage over other sources like wind and geothermal power especially that the latter require many wires, cords, and power sources. Solar energy is induced with the help of solar panels. These panels convert the sun’s rays into electricity by exciting electrons in silicone cells using the photons of light from the sun. “In other words, sunlight is composed of miniscule particles called photons, which radiate from the sun. As these hit the silicone atoms of the solar panels or cells, they transfer their energy to loose electrons. Then, solar cells need to herd these electrons into an electric current” (Physics. org, n.d.). Consequently, the solar energy needs only sun rays to become beneficial and practical for everyday use. The solar panels’ installation isn’t complicated at all since there is no need of wires and power sources. This makes installing solar panels in areas where there are no power cables tremendously easy. Having three gigantic desserts in the Saudi Arabia, the government can facilitate the development of these areas through the installation of PV panels. Besides, a very small maintenance is needed compared to unrenewable energy generators. This aspect elucidates that solar energy equipment lasts for a lifetime. Money invested in this domain isn’t in vain. Moreover, one imperative aspect of the installation of the photovoltaic cells

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