The Importance Of Mass Media Bias In The Media

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1. Introduction
Having control over an entire country’s population’s opinion is a powerful thing to have. Possessing that control would allow you to direct how the population spends their money or even who they like and dislike in politics. The mainstream media news outlets have this control and are expected to give us information that is unbiased, fair, and not meant to sway our opinion. The topic I will be exploring is bias in the mainstream news media and how it affects their viewers. This is an important topic in the field of communication because it has such a great impact on any country that uses mass media to disseminate information. The information can be given to the viewers with a certain twist to intentionally shape their view of an event, or it can be unintentionally bias just by the tone and manner they are reporting on the event. I am going to research how mass media news outlets influence the viewers opinion, and what goes into picking the news stories covered. These are controversial topics to get into, but important to consider. They can have a very big impact on things like elections for a political office, support or dislike of a certain group, or can sway your opinion of who is the hero in a certain story. My sources will need to show specific examples of how the media is biased towards one opinion, what the effects are from this, and who makes the determination of the bias that is being displayed.
2. Annotations
Colistra, Rita. "Shaping and Cutting the
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