The Importance Of Mass Media

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Mass media has become an essential part of the growth and well-being of the United States. In everything from campaigning to daily news coverage, television, radio, newspapers, and the internet all contribute to the updated political and environmental knowledge of the public. Having important, day-to-day information accessible at any time is an incredible advantage to the success and development of the American democracy. However, every piece of information released is not completely accurate and without bias. The reporters, newsmen, journalists, and other people contributing to the media, write their pieces in their own words according to the data they are given, drawing upon their own conclusions. While many publications are accurate and useful to its readers, some pieces rely not on facts and statistics, but on the author’s own personal opinions. Although I believe reporters should be free to release any story written with any style the reporter chooses (assuming the story is not degrading the rights or dignities of another person or persons), I also believe that the parts of publications that do not draw from factual data, but from the author’s point of view, should be labelled accordingly. By doing so, Americans can then feel safe in knowing that the information given to them is accurately stated, effectively terminating any confusion or manipulation of the public. According to a survey conducted in December 2016 by the Pew Research Center, about two-in-three American

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