The Importance Of Master Teachers Recognize Their Responsibilities Extend Beyond The Classroom Walls At The Wider Learning Community

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Master teachers recognize that their responsibilities extend beyond the classroom walls to the wider learning community. Because they realize the broad range of knowledge and expertise available with the wider education community, they are involved with and committed to that community. This commitment is evidenced by collaboration with others to improve the effectiveness of the school, and engagement with parents and community resources to enhance the education of students.

I. Writing description
This is an artifact that shows my dedication to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning for my school and how to engage parents, board members, and co-workers to enhance the education of our student together. My artifact is an
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After its completion, I came up with an onsite field trip and presentation for the students to attend.
This onsite field trip was significant for our students. Once our first two classes had the experience of this field trip, the word begin to spread of such a wonderful extension of learning and fun students would receive after their class tour. Many parents and administrators wanted to experience this learning activity as well. This lead to more wonderful ideas that we could include in our presentation for each grade level. I loved this because it increased parental involvement and inspired more collaboration with teachers. The students enjoyed themselves and suggested of other things we could do for an onsite field trip.
Through this field trip, I was greatly impacted. I felt a sense of importance by doing this because was enhance learning for students at my school. So many children do not get the chance to go educational places such as museums, but in this case; the museum was brought to them. It also made me think about my life growing up and how I was lucky to have those learning opportunities with my mom and how my children received some of those same experiences and more. It made me happy to be able to provide those students with an experience of a life time. Seeing the parents, and board member visiting my class made me feel good because they enjoyed the show and were discussing how we could include more on site field trips at our school for other
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