The Importance Of Mcdonald's In America

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All throughout the United States, fast food companies rule the streets. Everywhere you look you find a McDonalds or Burgerking and although their foods are filled with greases and fats, we still love them. It’s common knowledge that fast food is ridiculously unhealthy compared to average meals, and yet we still find them spreading across our globe spanning from India to Venezuela. Despite our knowledge of the nutritional value of fast food, it remains popular due to availability, price, speed, and minimum effort. No matter where you go, especially in America, you can always find fast food to binge on. Companies strive to make their restaurants available to everyone to generate income so you can find these food stops in the most unlikely of places. Whether you're in the bayou or the frozen tundra, the golden arches of McDonald's are…show more content…
Luckily, fast food is ready to feed their consumers as soon as possible. In average restaurants you have to wait thirty minutes or more before your food is ready and preparing your own food can be painstakingly tedious. The most time someone spends when eating at fast food is usually the drive or walk there. If components of your meal aren’t ready before you order then it won’t take more than two minutes for staff to prepare what you need and for you to start eating. With every generation that passes humanity finds a way to make life slightly easier and fast food is no exception. Instead of having to purchase certain items and spending hours to try and prepare a simple meal out of them you can just buy some fast food. The same can be said about traditional restaurants where people will put effort into making themselves presentable possibly have to make a reservation. However the most effort that needs to be put in for fast food is driving there, ordering and paying; minimizing the amount of energy that we have to
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